Blackline Specialist Coatings for Asbestos Remediation

Blackline Asbestos Coating
The fastest, safest and most cost-effective alternative to expensive asbestos removal. If you have asbestos in your building or roof and it is in a relatively good condition and just needs to be made watertight and/or needs a few repairs then asbestos coating is most certainly the best solution.

Removing asbestos causes asbestos fibres to be released into the air if it is not removed with extreme care and caution. The dangers and repercussions of fibre release from asbestos are very well known. Therefore action and appropriate steps must be taken to prevent that from happening. Asbestos encapsulation is absolutely the safest most efficient solution.

What is Asbestos Coating?
The encapsulation process starts with the moss removal this is completed in a dry format. The roof is then cleaned with a low pressure steam cleaner using a closed box cleaner that travels up and down the roof removing the dirt and debris from the roof sheets. The roof then has any repairs fixed, gaps filled etc. We then spray coat the roof with a high temperature resin this dries in under one minute giving an instant seamless and watertight finish. No disruption, NO planning required.

Asbestos Coating Benefits
Asbestos coating is most certainly better for the environment. It is a much safer option when the asbestos in your building/roof may be hard to access.

One of the biggest benefits for businesses is the lack of downtime when choosing asbestos coating over asbestos removal. When removing asbestos it is necessary to evacuate the area where the asbestos is present prior to removing it however with asbestos coating, evacuation is not as a rule necessary.

Land Remediation Relief:

Land Remediation Relief can provide tax relief in all commercial property sectors where companies are subject to corporation tax. Qualifying costs include the remediation of contaminated land, removal of asbestos from buildings…


Waterproofing and Sealing an Asbestos Grain Store Roof
August 2016

Preparation for Waterproof Coating
Barn Roof after Cleaning and Coating

Blackline Waterproof Spray Coating Benefits

  • Quick to apply
  • Use over concrete, asbestos, steel and more
  • Water proof
  • Seamless and flexible
  • Weatherproof
  • Repairs and secures lead roofing
  • No primer needed
  • Durable and hard wearing
  • Fills all voids
  • Dries almost instantly
  • Seals fully, bridging gaps
  • Resistant to many fuels and chemicals
20 year warranty
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